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leaf-tip curling down 7th week of bud

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by PlayDoh, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I have an Indica, similar to Big Bud thats almost ready. The bud production has seemed to slow down quite a bit, and although it has a good 2 oz's at least, it seems like its stunting.

    I did a flush about a month ago, but probably got over zelous as I used about 15 Liters to try and flush it good, but probably caused over-watering issues.

    The plant is all nice and green, yet about 5% of the leaves have yellow rust like spots, and drying tips that crumble. Even some of the canopy leaves are getting kind of winkled and about 75% of all leaves have curled their tips recently. Its been about 4 days since she got fed and it might just be signs of thirst or that its killing off leaves since its almost done flowering.

    About 15% of Pistils/hairs are red, and this one got potted with some MG premium potting soil (back to sunshine mix). Now my waters PH is 7.4-8 but I for the first time checked the water with nutes and the PH is 6.6.

    I did a cheap run off test, where I poured straight 7.7PH water along the side of the pot and collected 7.7-7.8 PH run-off. Now I don't know if I should do a better test, or try to bring the PH down. I've managed to get away without bothering with PH so far and I plan on going to DCW after my next 3 are done in 7 weeks.

    From what I've read it could either be a Potasium (K) deficientcy, Slight over watering, or from cold roots. The soil is around 50 degrees F, and I tried using the ballast to heat it up a bit, but its too scary. I have them off the ground in a garage, but its been pretty cold lately.

    I'd post a pic, but my camera doesnt do Macro, and I have a bad experiance with taking pics of plants. Bad Mojo for me. Now I'm not panicing, but I'm watching it closely and if I see it start to burn up or wilt big time I'm chopping the buds before they go bad.

    I'm giving them "Dr Hornby Big Bud", Carbo-blast, Super-B, and 7ml/1L part 3, and 3ml/L part 2. I haven't had any issues at all besides this, and my temps are 60-70 F and lots of ventalation. maybe a bit low on humidity but I mist them twice a day.

    I've also noticed the leaves are kinda dry and easily broken compared to the younger plants, more so on the huge sun-leaves. I've seen some small yellow spots on the leaves, but it maybe from water drops, although I suspect something else.

    It sucks if its K deficientcy, since I don't know if I should bother trying to fix it, or just flush the plant. It has to be fed soon either way, and I'm still on the fence if I should give it, its normal food.

    Please help.
  2. I should make it clear the the plant does not appear sick, or seriously stressed. I read that curled down tips from over-watering mean the plant is trying to retain moisture. Now I have been taking a bud off her now and then, about 6 total. That may cause a plant to think it needs to try and retain water I suppose.

    What I'm more concered about it bud, although since I've been checking on her about 20 times a day now, I maybe worried for nothing. Although she's about 4' tall and I was expecting say 4 Oz's it doesn't look like it will make it. Especially since I'm broke and have no smoke. Do'h
  3. It doesn't sound like overwatering - you can't overwater with one watering, but by not letting the soil dry before watering again. Curled down tips might be overfeeding, but get some pics up, difficult without seeing them
  4. ya, overfeeding is likely, since I just bumped them up to the last feed cycle, 7/3. The bud is ripening on the canopy nicely and it gets you quite high, but I'd expect more bud then I can see it producing.
  5. sounds like the ppms are too high

    we dont always need a macro shot , post what you can it may help

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