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  1. Hi guys! Any idea what could be causing this please? It's more than just this leaf too, most of the leaves that are doing this are ones that I've tucked away to expose bud sights if that helps. Also attached a picture of her just to see if you guys think she looks okay. She's 4 weeks old today, in pre flower but isn't stretching as much as I thought she would?
    She's an auto in 17L of medium(biobizz light mix and added perlite) I'm currently giving 500ml and it's been that way for about a week and a half once every three days however I fed her a day early today (water wasn't due until tomorrow) because the medium felt dry enough for a water. Just curious as to what others think IMG_20190429_005320053.jpg IMG_20190502_173227639.jpg

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    You are most likely letting your pot dry out just a little to much between your watering / feeding. For me when I started growing I had the hardest time with that. Really, it was that difficult for me, so I invested in cheap moister meter, and I only watered when the meter read (2), 3/4 of the way down in one of my pots. To use the meter, I would insert into my pots on an angle, starting from 1" from the inside edge of my pot, angling the meter downward to the center of my pot. And just so you understand... I didn't have to do that for forever, because after a while I was able to just lift a pot and feel by its weight if it needed to be watered or not. you teach yourself that with the meter, first you lift the pot, then say to yourself, this pot needs, or doesn't need water, then you meter the pot, to find out if you were right or wrong. And after you do that for awhile, you will notice that your answer to the question you got by just lifting a pot, will match what the meter is also telling you much more often than when you started. So for the time being, I would recommend using one of them moisture meters until you get your watering skills down pat! And when you water, water until you get 10% - 20% runoff!
  3. That sounds really helpful, will pick one up asap! Thank you!!!

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  4. She's looking a lot better now after having a good water. IMG_20190505_110528684.jpg

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