Leaf Septoria on seedlings ???

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  1. Can anyone confirm what’s wrong with these gals. I’ve got 7 seedlings and my 3 tallest have got yellow dots appearing on them and leaves are droopy compared to the others which look healthy.

    I have in the last 2 days switched to a 20/4 light cycle under a 600w hps and begin to feed with nutrients in coco. I gave them a pretty high ppm 500 of 360ppm for 2 feeds and then one at 280ppm. I feared I over did it with the nutes so I gave straight ph’d water but it’s getting worse and I don’t want it to spread to other healthy plants.

    I picked up some copper fungicide today but wondering what this could be as I read leaf Septoria usually occurs with outdoor plants in flower.

    Thanks growers

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  2. ive looked up some pictures ,and i think it maybe ,,heres some picturesto help you make your mind up up if it is what think it is ,,mac,, download (1).jpg download (2).jpg
  3. If it’s 600 watts then it may be too powerful for the seedlings. Try going to a cfl or led or metal halyde build and keep it about 1.5 ft above the canopy. Also check your ph and give them quarter veg nutes till they grow out more. Then slowly up your nutes. Gl bro

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  4. What is the pH of your nutrient solution going in and coming out? When you transplant, I suggest a 70/30 coco/perlite mix.
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  5. Ph going in is between 6.0 - 6.5. I will check the runoff tomorrow and fix any ph problems. I am transplanting into their final 16l pots tomorrow and have been using a 70/30 mix.

    I just cut leaves with symptoms to avoid spread as new growth has come in

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