Leaf problems

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  1. This was a problem early on but has now stopped before i put into flower. I have no idea what caused it. I phed my water to 6.2-6.8. And its not nutrient burn as it did not start at the tips.

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    Looks like you got the leaves wet. Do you have a photo of the whole plant?
  3. The leaf i posted earlier was the worst one

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  4. Yeah my guess is the leaves getting wet. Sometimes you get blotches like that, not sure why, it doesn't happen every time
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  5. i agree its not a def or pests some form of liquid been on there that you missed no biggy could have left the leaf on it still has stored nutrients in there and will still act as a good solar panel :)
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  6. Maybe the leaves had water dropplets on them that got magnified by the light and burned those areas?

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