Leaf problems?

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  1. Anyone have any input on this girl? Is she healthy? Ive noticed that the leafs are curling down abit and not as perky as normal leaves.. maybe its the strand? Ive always phd the water for 6.5 with no nutes atm because my soil is promix... mixed with perlite, vermiculite and abit of manure.. ive considered excess nitogen but i havent been feeding.. any help?

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  2. Manure.
    What manure and from where?
    Some manure is ‘hot’.
    But, since Pro-mix has no fertilizer,
    perhaps it’s time to start feeding reefer fertilizers.
    I only have experience with Fox Farm and Miracle-Gro.
    I use Fox Farm... I’ve been brow-beaten away from MG.
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  3. <--- don't tell but I've been known to get into the wife's MG plant food when I've been to lazy to run down to the hydro shop to overspend for the same general stuff.
    I tend to juice them in veg for speed of growth and in small pots it's not a bank breaker.
    Flower they are outside in ground with Chicken manure as the only real amendment besides Sulfur to correct for my high PH water.
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  4. It's fine. Don't overthink it to much. She's nice and green. Not to dark (over fert) nor to yellow (not enough N)
    Let her run as is a while.

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  5. Thanks i just clipped of a few lower leaves as shes getting very busy.. lets see if anything chabges in a few days
  6. You think you got leaf problems?
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  7. Its sheep manure i do 70 promix and 30 manure plus perlite for drainage.. i tried miracle grow slow release before it burned my plant because it was still seedling.. when i swap pots ill probably sprinkle some mg on top.. i live in canada only place i know yo get fox farm if by ordering online i dont think any store carries it lol

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