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    Hello i was in my back yard and i found a 6 in female plant growing. so i transplanted it to a pot with organic potting soil. but my leaves are showing signs of decay/being eaten. im not sure if it is a parasite problem or underwatering/lack of nutrients in the ground it sprouted in. all help is apreciated

  2. another pic, sorry i had problems with the uploading on the site
  3. doesn't look like its showing gender yet, just let it keep growing. if you're keeping it in a pot you're going to need a much bigger pot.
  4. It has yet to sex so I'm not sure how you are able to determine it is female. The plant looks fine, maybe a bit of leaf damage but that not uncommon for young outdoor plants. I would defiantly get a bigger container and give it nutes but start off at 1/4 strength and work up to full strength.
  5. yeah I don't think you'd be able to tell sex at this point. As for the leaves, looks like you've got yourself some nibblers lol, go to your local wally world and get a bottle of neem oil, Works wonders. Good luck
  6. Sooooo.... You found this?

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