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Leaf problems. NEED HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xCaliGreens, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hey grasscity, thanks for reading. I am new to the site, and pretty new to growing as well.

    Due to being a new grower I have been testing out different methods on my little guys. Adding very slightly different nutrient levels and watering methods to each. Due to this, certain plants leaves began to diminish. I need help finding out the problem I caused, and what to do to fix it?

    So I am in my 3rd week of veg. and need some advice on burning, wilting, and drooping of leaves. I attached 3 pics to show all three problems in my plants.
    The first 2 pics are of super silver haze where there are burn holes being produced on the leaves, and wilting happening.
    The 3rd is of a blue dream plant, and leaves are drooping and becoming weak.

    I have been using GH floranova grow, added acid to lower ph which was high, added superthrive once, and used root enhancer a couple times.

    The superthrive made the plants shoot up, so it couldnt have been that, and I'm not sure what is ruining my plants:(

    I am using a 600w MH bulb with a blue 200w CFL and a red 200w CFL to give a full spectrum with 1000w, and keep the lights about 20 inches above plants.

    Any help would be great. Thanks!

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  2. i am assuming you testing the ph since you added acid but are you testing for ppm?

    Thinking it could be the start of nute burn.

    When you water do you let it drain through the bottom?

    If you test the runoff for ph and ppm can help prevent nute burn before it happens.
  3. Whats your PH run off reading and what are your temps? Nute burn will start with yellowing at the tips of the leaves and work its way inward turning brown as it progresses.
  4. I only have indicator fluid and no ppm meter at the moment. The indicator fluid tested the runoff water at around 7 before adding acid, and was reduced to around 6. I did not want to add much acid scared I would hurt the plants.

    When watering yes I let it drain through the bottom. The super silvers are currently in a little wider and shorter pot than the others causing the water to retain for a really long time.

    It doesn't have any yellow on the tips though @tplat only burn spots randomly in the middle of certain leaves

  5. What kind of soil are you using? In soil I dont even bother with PPM just PH. I would suggest getitng a digital PH meter. If your pots are retaining water to long it could be soil, not enough drain holes. When adjusting PH I wouldnt try to adjust it to much at one time no more then .50 half a point. When the pots or soil retains water to long it can cause other problems like root rot and fungus gnats. Your burn spots could be related to a PH problem. A PH of 6 is to low and 7 is to high. With a better digital PH meter it will give you more accurate controll of the PH of the water and or nute mix going in and the PH reading of the run off.
  6. I am using Kellogg soil, i think it was the red colored bag.. Before growing I mixed in nutrients and let cook for 30 days to provide more food for plants. I mixed bat guano, worm castings, mycorrhizae, bone meal, blood meal, perlite, and a couple other random little nutes. I tried not to overdue it and when mixing didn't use the full amount to make super soil. That's why I have still been using the GH floranova grow, i felt like it would need the extra nute power.

    Yea I am going to pick a digital ph meter up really soon. indicator fluid just isn't cuttin it.

    The plants are in smart pots, so the fibers hold water for longer, and it seems like they don't drain very much.

    Thanks for the advice though @tplat. I'll remember not to make any drastic changes with my ph liquid.

    The drooping leaves on the blue dream though don't seem to be the same problem. Any ideas on what may be making the leaves weak and fall? Thanks!
  7. If the PH is off it can lock out nutes the plant needs to grow strong. Kellog soil I think has time release nutes in it and can cause PH problems. How often do you water and or feed and does the soil feel dry inbetween waterings or feedings?
  8. I water every 3-4 days when the soil is decently dry up to around 2 inches in, and I feed about every 1-2 waterings.

    Is there any good and easy way of maintaining a stable ph?
    I heard adding dolomite lime to soil can help regulate ph? do you have to mix it initially or can it be topped on soil?
  9. I feed every third watering. Usualy you mix the dolomite limestone in with the soil. Using good soil can make big difference. When is your digital PH meter supposed to arrive? I would calibrate it when you get it. Some come calibrated at the factory but if it gets banged around during shipping or sat around a long time.

  10. Good to know. I will feed less frequently. Thank you for all the help!
    I will let you know when I get my ph meter in, and calibrated!:)
  11. If you start to see any yellowing in your plants you might want to start with the nutes again. But your plants color looked good and it didnt look like nute burn to me. Thats why I was asking about your PH run off untill you have an accurate reading of the PH run off its a guessing game. Like mentioned nute burn starts at the edges of the leaves I havent seen it start in the midlde before. Usualy what can look like a nute burn spot in the middle of the leaf can be either a sign of a PH problem or you spilled some water or nute mix on the leaf and it burned it from the heat from the light. Like when you foiliar spray a plant or spray for bugs you want to do it well before the lights come on or shortly after the lights go off so you dont burn the plants.

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