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    I have attached a photo of my lowryder I noticed this about a day after it has peeked through the soil so i moved it to a seperate room away from my top 44 incase it has a infestation of some bug or something.

    God knows what has caused it but the other plants are fine.
    I wasked it with soap water just incase.

    What could this be? I think it may have been just the way the plant has grown maybe its something with the genetics i dont know. But iv looked under the leaf and there is no sign of bugs.

    Another qestion i have is what is that white stuff on the leaf ?

    Sorry this is my first grow and i dont have a clue what could be wrong with it.

    I grow it under a 125w fluorescent the water is just right and the room temprature is kept between 60F - 70F the soil was brought and has all the nutrients it needs to last it 6 weeks and no its not miricle grow lol.

    Iv added a better pick


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  2. I suck at this. Since my post it started to shrivel up and its dying i think. I treated it with soapy water and put it in a cooler place and thats what happened.

    So i proped it up with soil now and put it in a propagator under a 125w light in the hope that it will recover.

    Iv never grow sativa but my guess is they are not as easy to grow as indica coz iv never had a indica that got sick.
  3. It might have been damage from germination, but IMO its not a big issue wait until your first set of real leaves (they'll have what looks like waves on them) to see if the problem progresses..
  4. Could be caused by the wet leaves being burned by your light. Back the light off a bit. Make sure they don't stay really wet, just moist. Overwatering can cause this also.
  5. I dont think its the light or overwatering otherwise the other one would be the like it.
    I give them the same water and put them under the same light which is not too close too the plant.

    Just got to wait and see if it recovers or not. Just seems too take forever to grow. Today is day 6 and they have not grown very much they are just very tall with still 2 leaves.

    I remember skunk seems to grow a lot quicker then the lowryder.

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