Leaf problem and wierd little plant, Help Please

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  1. I am currently growin 4 Lowryder 2 x AK47 (femenized seeds), and I am having some trouble finding out what my gurls are trying to tell me, check out the pics.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2 plants (PIC 1 & 2) the leaves a curlin up and inwards, no yellow spots and not turning brown,

    1 plant (PIC 3) is lookin like she wants to start curlin up too, but she look ok for now, no problems showin,

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and the other one (PIC 4-6), she is a little wierd, looks healthy but growin in a strange way, anyone know what's her deal ??

    They are all 4 on day 17 on those pictures, witch was last night.
    Temps are 79-85 during lights on, 63-73 lights off, they are 25 inches under a 1000hps. Growin medium is FoxFarm Ocean Forest with some perlite and coco mixed in. I always PH my water to 6.5, last runoff I tested (Day 12) PH was 6.6, so I good on that part. If any other info needed please let me know. To me it just doesnt seems like this is normal, so I'm calling out for some advice, first time growin Auto-Flowering strains, and I never had this problem before with my previous grows.

    Well thanks for all those takin time to give a friend here some advice and help.

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  2. Heat stress. It's too hot for them in your room.
  3. Thanks, I raised the light to 33 inches, lets see how they respond now.
    Thank you for the info.
  4. not heat stress bro.i have the exact same problem with mine real weired deformations of the leaves curling up exc.also one of mine has turned almost completely yellow but shes growing fine weired lol i think the autos are just unstable and have alot of deformities check mine out im also useing a 1000w light.
  5. No that is heat stress on the first few pics

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