Leaf loss and Tips curling and browning

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  1. She's about 3 weeks into flowering. I've lost 4 leaves so far. Like whole leaves, they were green when they fell off. They started to bend downward and then the whole stem fell off. Can anybody tell me why?? Also, the tips of the upper leaves are turning black. I thought it was root rot so I flushed it with peroxide and water and it appeared to work but then I fed it for the first time with Espoma Bloom and it seems as if the leaves are getting worse. Some of them even look like they're ripping! I've attached pictures. Help!!

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  2. Can't DL the pics just now but that is too early to see that sort of defoliation. Having some lower leaves turning light green and fall off as you get into flower is pretty common. But detioration of the upper leaves doesn't sound good.

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  3. Can you see the pics now? I reuploaded them and added 3 more. Yes I had some leaves that turned yellow and fell off, I figured that was normal. However, the ones that fell off yesterday werent even yellow, they werent light green either. The stems felt a little soft, not as sturdy as the rest of the stems, but Idk what is causing it! :frown:
  4. I can see them. What is your temperature in your grow area? And are you giving them enough potassium?

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  5. EH.. I just checked the temperature, it was at 74 :eek: So I raised it to 78, I didn't realize it was so cool in there, it could be getting colder at night, not sure, but now I know. Also, I used Espoma Organic Bloom which has a 1-3-1 NPK ratio. These problems starting occuring after I fed her with it, should I discontinue or feed her more? I may or may not have given her enough when I mixed it with water, I guestimated so that I wouldnt overwater her. :confusedalt:
  6. So your temp was and still is fine. What ph water are you using? All the nutes in the world won't help when ph is off.

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  7. My pH is 6.8
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    Well that ain't it either.

    Have you seen any improvement?

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  9. :(:( I know.

    No more leaves haven fallen off but a few more have burnt looking tips. :unsure: And and now some of the leaves have orange spots but I learned it was the lack of calcium in the water I was using. It was filtered, so I just flushed it with pH'ed tap water. Hopefully it helps. I'm gonna give it more nutes next week to see if it makes a different
  10. Update with some pics once they respond to the treatment!

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