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  1. Some issues here.

    These leaves started in veg, and got worse when they went into flowering.

    Not sure why they are doing it. I'm using Advanced Nutrients, have all 4 of their packs (from Veg to Final Phase) and following their instructions. PPM and PH is solid (it's PH perfect).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide more info if you need it.[​IMG]
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    Thanks for the bump Joe.

    A few additional comments, this is a hydro setup. I did have issues with salt, which I have cleared out using Sledgehammer. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but the strain is Strawberry Cough.

    The drippers are touchy, right now they are on a constant drip, so I'm not sure if maybe they are dripping too much? I don't think so though.

    The light is about 3-8 inches from the plants (depending on which one, they vary in size obviously), the light is cooled and glass separates the plants from the bulb. It's a 600watt on a light mover.

    They are flowering fine, the stems are strong and overall seem healthy aside from those leaves. They brown, turn down and will fall off if touched. One more thing to note, they tend to be bottom and mid leaves, though one or two were about 2-3 inches from the top node.
  3. seems fine to me

    u will want to flush ur system regularly. some flush weekly some monthly. ive found the more the merrier

    also 3-8 inches seems low for a 600w it should be at least 12" for a 400w 18" 600w and 24" for a 1000w. even though it seems strange to lift the light ur plants will benefit from the wider light pattern
  4. Thank you for your response bongboi, appreciate it.

    I make a habit of changing the reservoir every week, but I'm bad about cleaning the lines/pump. I'll start doing that every week. I move the light up to about 14 inches, it's all the room I can spare inside my tent.

    Happy Holidays, and thanks again!

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