Leaf issues *macro pics*

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  1. High everyone, currently flowering now, first grow and this stuff keeps happening to the leaves. What worries me the most is that some of the new growth dies before growing any (pics 3 & 4).

    Any and all knowledge is needed and appreciated!

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  2. what is the temperature where the plant is grown. Could be to hot..
  3. The shriveled leaves look like you let it get way to dry and the new growth couldn't take it. Or heat as already mentioned.

    Secondly the yellowing could be nitrogen dificiency, or phosphorus deficiency. I'm betting on the second because of the browning and beginnings of die back from the tips of the leaves. It also makes sense because you just started flowering.

    So get your temps down, or if your plants are going limp give it water, lastly get your ph and nutrients right.

    You probably need some phosphorus heavy nutrients.
  4. On second though the yellowing is starting from the veins out so it's probably nitrogen deficient. And in the pic that shows the brown spot within the leaf, that's an indication of improper ph.

    The ph could be your entire problem. If it's off more than half a point from either end of the spectrum you can be getting lockout.
  5. It is too hot man, sometimes hitting 31c. If the weather doesn't get colder by Monday I'm getting an ac up in there.

    I'm feeding each about 2 liters of water, every 2 days approximately mixed with Canna Terra Flores and molasses. I always check the water ph to be around 6.5. Haven't checked the actual soil ph yet or the runoff but I'm waiting on a nice ph meter in these days. Do you think I should feed them more often?

    My question is, if the temps stay at 30c will I have serious drawbacks? Is it worth is to invest in an ac considering I won't be growing for a while after this?

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