Leaf issues. Canoeing, curling

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  1. Hello!! I'm needing some opinions here. I've been growing my afghani in dwc for about 2 1/2 months now. Been having issues with ph and keeping the res temps low enough. Just wondering if the curling leaves on my plant is due to the too-high res temps?? The fan leaves have randomly been canoeing for quite some time now. Some of them look perfectly fine and some look like the photos attached. But now some of the new growth is becoming affected, curling under and looking twisted almost. She's currently under a 600w metal halide for 18/6. Giving her about 500ppm total of flora series, cal mag, hydroguard. Also wondering if this is too little of an amount of food for her size?? Going to switch her to 12/12 soon and wanting to fix what I can before then, if possible. Any input would be great, and if more info is needed let me know. Thank you in advance!!!! IMG_6515.JPG IMG_6518.JPG IMG_6530.JPG IMG_6527.JPG IMG_6529.JPG IMG_6532.JPG
  2. Nitrogen toxicity, too much ferts... back off those nutes. first sign is leaves getting too dark
  3. Forget to mention in case you didn't know: you should start flushing 3 times amount water to pot volume, with ph'd REALLY low dose nutes... yr probably gonna experience other problems soon or later due to lockout in case you don't
  4. Too much nutes? Hmmm I've considered that but 500ppm just seems low for how big she is.. what ppm should I try it at, 300? I mean she's drinking a good gallon a day and I just top her off with fresh water until res change every 7 days give or take. The ppm drops significantly in that time
  5. Yes mate, the plant really seems to be overferted. Dark green color, major clawing, leaf edges folding under... i can see a slight iron deficiency aswell, possibly a lock out of some micro nutes ? I would suggest to flush the system with really low dose and then try 250ppm and see how she reacts

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