Leaf getting yellow in middle. Why?

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    I have two plants which aren't good now.
    Everything was ok but 5-6 days ago they started to turn yellow in middle. See the pictures

    And this is how plants are look at the moment. 4-5 weeks in flowering.

    I use 3-6-6 solution every second watering which is usually on every 2-3 days. This problem would come out before if something was wrong with nutriens I think. Soil pH level is 6.5. There are no bugs or some other things. I saw one mosquito and one fruit fly which I killed few days ago. I was looking really good for some other "animals" for quite a while but didn't see anything.
    Anything that happened to this plants was that once timer died at the beginning of flowering and disaster when my light setup felt down on plants and been on them until fuse didn't "jumped out". I wasn't at home...it could be total disaster...getting my house burned to the ground...

    So, can you please help me, I don't want to lose this plants!

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