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Leaf edges are yellowing near top with brown tips

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by sebgrower, Aug 28, 2013.

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    some of my plant leaves are developing yellow edges and some have brown crispy tips. This is happening on upper 1/3 of plant mostly and appears to be on secondary leaf growth, not new. Its been poor plant 3.jpg poor plant 3.jpg poor plant 1.jpg poor plant 1.jpg poor plant 2.jpg poor plant 2.jpg getting worse and worse over the last 2 weeks. (They are 3 weeks into flower) . The leaves are also curling inward slightly and feel dry and brittle.  The plant itself is lighter green than the others. This is happening only on my Chem Dawg OG and Amnesia plants. I  did find a branch that appeared to be dying and leaves were very stunted.  YIKES.  This is affecting 10 plants only. 
      poor plant 4.jpg
    I've searched everywhere for an answer. Can anyone help identify whats happening?  Outdoor grow in 30 gal grow bags 420 mix, good nutes and PH of 6.5. New Grower

  2. Given it any epsom salts? What nutes? I had a light greenness spreading and gave a second Epsom dose and it cleared it up
  3. No, haven't tried epson salts but will. Using fish emulsion and bone meal during early flower and now blood meal.  Its all at the top 1/3 which is worrisome. Were your edges yellow near the top of plant and stunted growth? How soon between doses with the Epsom? Thank you for helping
  4. I've got white worms that look like corn borers. They are boring at the crotches, branch to trunk, and my top third
    is yellowing also. check for crap on the stalk. hope it's not worms. Good luck
  5. Thank you I'll check for that
  6. Post some pics.
  7. Epsom only 1 teaspoon per gallon and I have only used 2 times in whole growth. Make sure to stir in well. My yellowing was on lower leaves and new growth was v light green

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  8. Like mentioned post some pics it show us what the plant is doing. Sometimes pic show more then what words can describe.
  9. Well my plants are fine now and I don't have any photos.
  10. When you said yellow edges some with brown crispy tips first impression might be nute burn but in a later post you said some of the new veg growth is coming out a light green is usualy a sign of nitrogen deficiency. That's why whenever one has a problem posting pics can really help speed things up. In flowering its normal for older fan leaves and leaves closer to the main stalk to start dying off but you don't want to many dying off to early or to fast. Sometimes in flowering plants need a little nitrogen boost. I got a few plants that are well into flowering that I`m gonna give them a feeding of veg nutes. Their looking a light green a little to soon. There about half way through but should still be a darker green then a light green. You don't want to much nitrogen in flowering but not to little either.
  11. the reason I would not suggest N is because it is happening at the top of the plant not the bottom. 
    Brown crispy leaves are either too much nutes or not enough cal/mag/phos. Look for some purpling fan leave stems and purple striping on the main stalk, these are late signs of cal/mag/P def.
  12. Ah I missed the part where he said it was at the top of the plant. Just remembered that fish emulsions is low on the P&K. I used that Alaska stuff about 4 or 5 summers ago and remember that I used to supplement it with extra P&K. I also used molasses with it.
  13. Added the photos and I don't think its Nitrogen issue as it is happening on top 1/3 of plant. I've sprayed with epsom solution and I'll trying bumping up the P & K.

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