Leaf dmage please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Hayden2970, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I've posted something like this before. So my plants have been hot. 90 degrees at times over past couple weeks. No matter what I do I'm having issues cooling it. But anyways would this damage all be from heat? Or do you think it could I mean? Wondering if I should address other issues. Soil is 6.5 . I water at 6.8. Fox farm ocean forest soil. 30 days into flower . 2 plants first 3 pics is one plant last pics are the other . Also I took off other leaves days ago that looked worse. 20190611_115849.jpg 20190611_115926.jpg 20190611_115917.jpg 20190611_120004.jpg 20190611_115855.jpg 20190611_115942.jpg

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  2. Another pic guys 20190611_123309.jpg

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  3. I wouldn't know, but;
  4. Potassium deficiency.

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  5. Don't know if you are feeding but I use FFOF also and it is good for about 4 weeks and then needs nutes of some sort. Im growing organic now ( used to use GH products ) and while I can't always tell 100% what a deficiency a plant is having I have found a good plant tea seems to correct most deficiency issues ive encountered . Im too lazy to gp and buy all the stuff for a good home brewed te so I just use botincare Pure Blend Pro Soil by Botanicare | Planet Natural

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