Leaf discoloration

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  1. Been growing these for about 8 weeks now (revegging her from flowering mother)
    Seeing some discoloration on leaves, the new branches seem to be a good color for a little bit and then start to slowly turn yellowish. Nutes are 5mL Grow 2mL Bloom 2mL Micro (Advanced Nutrients) 3mL Hydroguard and small amounts of pH down. Usually I give her this every week when I change her water out. Currently using distilled water. I'll post some pictures below, any help is appreciated!

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  2. How are your roots doing. I remember you were having root rot issues and it doesn't seem to have grown much in the past 2 weeks. It looks to me like a continuation of the same root issue.

    Also - when you say you feed every week when you change the water out - do you just mean that you mix fresh nutes weekly and it's roots are in nutes - not just water?
  3. I change the water every 10 days or so (distilled) and in the process I change the container, give it fresh nutrients in the new container and fresh hydroguard (3mL like you said). Also I'll post some new photos that I took today, admittedly it looks a lot better and consider those pictures are about 5 days old. Also I cut some of the old/sickly looking leaves off.

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  4. Also just to give you an idea I'm using 5mL Grow and 2mL of Micro & Bloom to go along with the Hydroguard with small amounts of pH down.
  5. Here's some updated photos of the roots I took just an hour ago.

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