Leaf curl?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Shifte83, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. IMG_0044.JPG hey guys,

    Probably paranoid but have noticed the leaves are curling a Little on my plant, can you please help me with this or nothing to worry about ??
  2. pics without the leds would be cool.

    I see no curling whatsoever. chill.


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  3. Have you recently lowered the lights? Looks like mine when I moved my 600w hps to around 10".

    What light you useing, and what's the distance from the top of the plant?
  4. Pics without LED?

    Also, doesn't look like there's any curling imho
  5. no curling 'Shifte'...plant looks fine ,,,,mac,
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  6. You can see slight tacoing on the two biggest leaves either side..

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  7. believe what the other guys have said 'wEEDhEAD',the plants ok honest .a small bit of tacoing i cant see it ..mac.
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  8. Yes weed head is right - 2 biggest leaves have the taco curl can't really move it or turn the light off - I'm using mars pro 320 LED and nope same distance but I just moved it closer about 5 mins ago thinking it might fix it :/
  9. Honestly I'm very new to this myself and have absolutely 0 knowledge on led's. The others say it's nothing to worry about so leave it a day or two and see how it develops.
    I wouldn't say moveing the light closer is the way to go for now, maybe just leave as is until you know what it is for sure.
    I just went through my old post and found my post when it happend to me. The first time I noticed my leaves looks it looked like yours. Then the pics below show a few days after I moved my light closer. For me this was the issue and moving my light away solved my problem.
    Hopefully the community can help you out of it gets worse.

    Good luck!

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  10. Thanks people ! ❤️❤️❤️
  11. I see nothing wrong with your plant.
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  12. the cupping effect is the leaf presperating more than normal. With the lights off spray them with cool ph'd water and see if that doesn't fix it within the hour of doing so. if it does..then it was the environments radiant temp a degree or 2 hotter. get a thermometer and make sure the top is in the right range ..then tops are what's really important and what will show you first what's really going on.

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