Leaf curl only at the very top?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jimbo lahey, May 9, 2011.

  1. Leafs of tops (new growth) are curling but only at the very tops. The light is sufficient distance from the plants but i think the room sometimes peeks at high temps. (Its a friends house so not positive). There was the very beginning of a mite infestation but we sprayed em down with azamax and they have disappeared. What could it be??? Notice in the background of the first pic that it is not the tops of the plants but rather the new growth of the plants that are curling.


  2. heat most likely.
  3. i agree with rhapsody.
  4. I don't think it gets above 95 and thats only for maybe 3 hours at a time. Its normally between 65 and 85. That should be good right?
  5. 95 is too high, especially if it's any hotter directly under the light(s). The fact that it is only that hot for a few hours a day is probably why you're only seeing drooping and not brown, dry, crispy leaves.
  6. agreed, those temps need to come down & the air-flow increased
  7. you wana stay below 80 honestly
  8. Have a fan right on them and the temps have now been between 60-80 but the problem is still there. The pots they are in could be too big. When they were transplanted out of what they were cloned in the roots were not very long. But got transplanted anyways since the process was already started. After that the plants grew a bunch and were going strong but then stopped and then the curling started. Its taking forever between watering cause i think the roots might not be very big. But theres a ton of perlite in there and rocks at the bottom of the pots.

    Just to be clear the leaves are curling down. Not drooping.

    Im using FFOF with about 30% Miracle Grow perlite which has a very small amount of added nutes. Could this be the problem or no?

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