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  1. Plant has been outside for a couple weeks flowering(80-95°f). Last few days have been showing signs of leaf curl and bud disfiguration. Ive added cal mag to it's diet, foliar feed as well. Feeding twice daily 600-900ppm. Cut the bottom of the pot to be placed in another incase of root bound(coco coir) but still showing these signs on certain buds.. Any one have any ideas of what is going on and how to remedy it? Thank you!!


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    Thank you
  3. Twisting leaves, hows your PH?

  4. are those leaves "everywhere" on the plant....or just towards the top?
  5. I ph feed to 5.8-6.0

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  6. In soil? That's a bit too low....try getting it to around 6.5
  7. Just towards the top of the plant on 6 branches.. these two sites seem to be normal, and is the tallest cola 1566656112498.jpg

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  8. Uh ohh.....I see some white spots on that leaf there....what is it?
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    This girl is being raised in coco coir. We have been experiencing grasshoppers so i tired dusting the leaves with flour, ir worked but left some white residue on some leaves.
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