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  1. It’s my first grow is the leaf colour normal ? Or it’s little light green am in week 4 veg and it’s seem begging early flower and lest 2 week I feed it with fox farm nutrient for veg stage so should I continue feeding or flush it with (sludge hummer)

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  2. It looks fine.........relax.
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  3. Leaf color looks fine. Plant size for 3 wks veg is small, flushing is hardly ever the answer for any situation. I've had a bottle of sledgehammer for 6 years only used it my first grow. Pic for reference at four weeks. Veg doesn't start until about the 2nd week after sprout. Seedling stage lasts about the first two weeks. I'd imagine you're in fox farms since you're using their nutrients depending on type thatll feed 3 to 6 to 8 weeks. Plants have everything they need those first two weeks from their seed casing before they start in on nutrients. Your plant pictured doesn't have roots covering that pot meaning theres still available nutrients within that pot. If plant is actually 4wks into veg I'd consider watering practices. Imo no where near flower, need to atleast wait until it shows pistils, however in most cases several weeks of vegging can be accumulated afterwards.

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  4. Thanks a lot what you mean with watering practices?
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    Either watering too little or too much too often, stunting growth.

    Possible it's quality of light, however 5 or 6 wks from sprout if it was quality of light I'd imagine it would be pretty stretchy by now.

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