Leaf Burn?

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  1. So I checked my baby this morning. And discovered this. Unfortunately it was after i rotated the plant and am in the process of rearranging lights, plus I got high. I do not recall if this leaf was the closest to my side lights. I'm pretty positive it's leaf burn, but I'm scared it could be a PH problem, I am purchasing test strips tonight but just wanted to see if anyone could tell me whats up. Sorry for low quality pictures.


  2. Your going aboutit correctly. Hydro and proper ph are must.

    Looks likecould be light, but more like very lite N burn could be the case. My clones also do this during rooting.

    If you will share age, ph, nutes...ect
    I'll gladly help.

    bbl alex
  3. its about 2 weeks old.
    1300 ppm
    BC boost,
    BC grow
    thrive alive b1 red
    I've recently been told I over did it, and probably shoulda waited another week for this str mix. planning on diluting the solution tonight, probably about half str or a little more.
  4. Those from seed at two or clones? all I can see is a leaf:)

    I'ld have to agree w/lil too much to start, but no big deal. They should grow right through it.

  5. 2 weeks from seedling sprouting from rockwool, Working on a current picture right now. Also at due to early nuetrition, I believe my plant got to top heavy, and I steaked it hence the thin to thick stem it has, will this posibly restrict anything in the future?
  6. They should grow right through that light burn and be fine. 2 weeks of age is a bit early unless the plant is asking for nutes by yellowing.

    Just ease back into nutes and enjoy.


    p.s. nice nails;)
  7. awesome sounds good, I'll keep you posted.
  8. You're nute solution is way too rich. I've looked at several nute formulas and none of them recommend more than half of that for seedlings and no more than 800ppm for full veg.

    1300ppm is where you want to be once you start flowering.

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