leaf burn/bleach?

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  1. Hey guys, im a new grower, this is my first grow I am doing. I started germinating her just before february. I am using a 300 watt MarsHydro LED, it only has an output of 140 watts. I had added 2 small cfl's for now untill i can get some more cash. I added the cfl's because most of the leaves under the top 2 or 3 sets were starting to "limp"? anyway, i posted this thread to ask a question XD well here it is. Can you help identify what the problem is here? is it even a problem. I also include a picture of the whole plant just so you guys can see [​IMG] The first picture is where the problem is. Look at the middle of the leaf and on the upper left side of it, it kinda looks cracked.


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  2. Don't sweat one leaf. The overall plant looks fine to me.
  3. Let it dry out its overwatered for sure

  4. ok thanks for the feedback :)

    How can you tell? the only time i noticed i over watered it was when the leaves droop down
  5. i would get rid of the cfls also, they dont do jack unless up really close and they do raise the heat.
    but if there real bright ones maybe i guess. also i agress plant looks nice! its drooping from to much water. only water when you lift the pot and it light, youll learn the weight with and without water just by feel.

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  6. ill have to try that weight with and without the water, i just watered her thoroughly, so i can get the feel of when shes fully watered. One of my friends tried to tell me that if I trim a couple of the lower branches off and put the clippings in a cup with water in it, the clipping will show what sex the plants is in a day or 2? I had snipped 2 lower branches off that only had 3 fan leaves, and also the single fan leaves that grow right after the cotyledon, I put them in a cup of water and it doesnt look good. Its turning yellow like the first picture in my post.

  7. Krinkly leaves errect stems and droopy leaves

  8. ok thanks for that :)

  9. No worries brother shes looking like she will be a nice fatty indica

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