Leaf aberration poll... Anyone get this a lot?

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  1. SnowCap X Mystery Male seed has sprouted with an abnormal first leaf on one side...

    This seed popped from a peat pot in less than 24 hours. (caught me off guard)
    I had soaked it for about 10 minutes before putting it in the peat pot.

    I'm assuming the leaf mutation happened because I didn't remove the nylon outer wrap and it has cramped roots trying to grow through. Not sure though.

    Very healthy plant in all other regards. I like the vigor it shows. :smoking:

    Has anyone else ever get a first leaf like this?
    Anyone get them a lot?

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    I know this is gonna sound newbish....but why do you want to grow a male.......are you trying to get seeds or something.....
  3. SnowCap X "Mystery Male"... As in 'I have no idea what strain the pollen came from'

    This was the only seed from a VERY good 1/8th of SnowCap from a So-Cal dispensary.

    No.. I have no idea at this point if its a male or female. :D
    Hopefully Female as I have no use for pollen from non-stable strains. Hehehe

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