lead sealant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mickey.T, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. If i was to use this as a way of stopping the police detecting the heat from the plants and the light would it work? I'm not to sure if it works as it was a long time ago when i was told about this i have attached a URL for extra information.


  2. i wouldn't think it would work, if your talking abou covering the roof with it.....are you doing a loft grow?

    i'd reckon that the lead will absorb all the heat going, from the HPS's...as lead has a very low melting point......the heat sig is what choppers would be looking for.........if you put the lead up, they'd not be able to x-ray your house, and as far as i know they haven't started fitting x-ray machines into choppers............Peace out........Sid
  3. HIGH All, well holy shit...look who came to cut the grass finally. Glad to you home Mickey. T.

    Looks like a hassle to me...is LEO that bad where you live? If your paranoid maybe wait till spring and plant them outside.

    Good to see you my friend.

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