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  1. Alright, so I need to leach my plants, and it seems simple enough but I'm not exactly sure I get it. When I looked it up I found this several times...

    "To leach soil, over water the growing medium until fluid can be seen above the soil line. Allow the swampy mess to soak for a few minutes, then pump/siphon off excess from the "well" at the lower end of the growing area."

    Does these mean lower end heightwise? as in there would be a puddle or something there? if that's correct, do i need to drain anything besides that extra puddle? will the water need to escape the pots through holes in the bottom? sorry for all of the questions, but thanks in advance!
  2. I think your refering to flushing... typically "the rule of thumb" is flush with 3 times the volume of the pot. So if you have a 2g pot you would run 6 gallons through it

    Best way I found when needing to do this is bringing the plant into the shower/tub... or you can put a container under it.

    what is the reason you need to flush?
  3. yea when i flush my plants i do it in the bathtub.i flower in 3 gallon pots and really only use 1 gallon to flush them.with just a gallon a decent amount of water comes out..i cant see using 6 or 9 gallons to flush a plant..little over the top unless the water coming out is nasty.

    and if the more you flush the plants along the life cycle the less water you have to use to flush.typically i ll flush in half gal increments so i dont shock the plant with a full gal all at once..then i till the pot somewhat sideways till it comes out a side drainhole.after you flush you dont have to water for def a few days to a week.after that hit em up with nute dose
  4. Thanks a lot to both of you! I'm not sure why this was confusing me so much, but it's definately nice to get responses from actual people instead of going by my interpretation of what the internet says (if I'm not sure, that is). I want to flush because I've been getting some nutrient burn for a little bit, and I'd like to flush out as much as possible and start feeding all over again with some BMO nutrients I'm ordering. I really appreciate the help :)

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