" le4ch " - First Grow , bagseed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by le4ch, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Hello, this is my first grow and i am on a limited budget " 5$ " haha which i spent on soil.

    SETUP :

    Right now it's under one 65w 750 lumen compact flourescent in a 4" x 4" space " cup "

    Here is a picture ...

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  2. This is the plant at Day 3 under the light.

    DAY 3 PLANT :

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  3. Building a better setup soon, will keep you posted on how the plant and the setup go .. keep in mind i have no money to spend on this at the moment so i have to use free thigns from friends and around the house ..

    Keep ya posted ..
  4. youre going to need to repot real soon, looks to be a tiny bit of soil you have, other than that gl and lookin good! :)
  5. alright , im going to repot it when i get some new fixtures for my flouro's
  6. Heres the plant on day 4 around about 3" .. Please tell me when it will be time to repot, its in a 16oz clear cup inside of a XL jack in the box cup " to reflect the light "

    Comments PLEASE! :)

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  7. i like the inside the jack in the box cup idea.... those are the best damn cups.... i had one on my lap while driving and it fell on the floor, and the lid stayed on tight!... saved my carpet...

    keep us updated on the little lady:)
  8. Here is day 6 of the plant . Comments please ,

    Also, when do you think i will need to repot?


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  9. are you misting? and remember to keep the clear plastic wrap over the top;)
  10. I can't keep it over the top because it would melt cause the light is leaning on the cup :/

  11. okay, my plant hasnt been growing much for 2 days and the new 2 leaves that were coming in our bright yellow what should I do? :/
  12. kist them and keep plastic across the top... lift the light up a bit... eeping humidity up is extemly important in these early stages of life....
  13. parents fodund the pants haha oh well i ll jsut start over with hj's ammo box idea ;)
  14. it doesnt surprise me that they found them.... it looks like they were just open in the closet.... ya need to keep it more concealed if anything....

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