Le Cordon Bleu here I come!

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  1. Hey Blades, just had to share some exciting news with the City. I just got accepted into Le Cordon Bleu's Baking and Pastery program and start in January! I plan on using my skill and knowledge learned over the next 12 months to move to a mmj state and open up a mmj bakery that specializes in edibles only. Its my dream to help the sick with this harmless flower and with this schooling, the sky is the limit! Sorry if I am over excited, I can't help it lol.
  2. thats awesome man congrats, make us all some dank edibles haha :D:hello:
  3. Wow! That is great!

    We've come a long way from the humble brownie!

    You deserve +rep props!
  4. nice, just be careful deciding where your move based on bud. although california/colorado are great states.
  5. KUDOS! thats the shit my friend! Good to see you've got plans and are taking steps! i start hort classes in the spring! not legal here yet, but the way i see it, im mearly ahead of the game!
  6. Awesome man, I'm currently enrolled in their culinary program, and it's pretty fucking dope. Everyone in my class is chill as hell, and 3/4 of my Chef instructors toke it up for sure. I know you're gonna enjoy it man, good luck.
  7. I always see the commercials I think that's awesome....can someone +rep this man I'm on mobile so I can't but nice job doing what you love and actually loving it I've meet so many college students that hate their classes and hate even more their career

    Move to Cali!
  8. Thanks for adding reputation to this user. May you be lucky enough to receive the same Reputation back in turn
    got em!

  9. I was hoping for Colorado after my schooling. No disrespect to Cali but I see how the feds are cracking down on the industry there and I want a chance to start my buisness before the man kicks down my door lol.

    I am thankful to have this community for being so kind and supportive to a fellow lover of the best flower in the world lol (I'm quite high off of Sour Diesel so I am in a talkitive mood lol)

    I will def keep you guys and gals posted as I progress and if I find any crazy french pastries that can be made medicated, I will post that in the edibles section. Stay high and stay safe
  10. Man, that's the shit that i want to do. Im so jealous. Do it big and let me know what your shop is called once you move to colorado.
    much respect my man, hopefully you learn and love it!
  11. That's great news. Which of the locations will you be attending? What is your tuition going to be looking like at that school?
  12. My grandma went there! She is such a bad ass cook it's not even funny, congrats on getting accepted!
  13. Haha, funny ass commercials. My pops used to make fun of the girl when she was countin because she said "two" hella cheesy

    Congratz op! happy for you forizzles
  14. @ InaHaze: I am at the Minnesota location. At the person who asked about the tuition, its going to be $19,000 for the 12 month course. Working on getting some grants and aid as we speak. It's going to be alot of work but it has to be done for me to help these patients in a healthy and tasty manner. Man am I pumped for this!! Off to go poke some oneies and calm down lol.

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