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ld50 of alprazolam and klonazapam

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MDMA, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. just curious. ive taken 8mg of xanax (4 2mg bars) and i dont wana od. ive been lookin but cant find the info. anyone wanna share what a lethal dose would be?
  2. Benzos LD is very high. I believe it's in the 200mg range for both of them. You've got nothing to worry about with 8mgs, JUST DON'T USE ALCOHOL OR OPIATES.

  3. ummm duhhh thats the first place i looked, but it doesnt work on my phone. anyone actually know unlike this moron

  4. Acting like a dick isnt the way to get help -rep
  5. if erowid doesn't work - google.

  6. Wow what a prick
    Xanax is suppose to calm you down buddy
  7. Wow is that's how you really respond to someone helping you with your question?
    Maybe cut back on the mdma Mr. Chemical Inbalance....
  8. In mice it's 1020 mg/kg. We obviously don't know the LD50 in humans because we don't do that kind of shit to humans

  9. Of course not!!!

    When the death rate gets too high we just change some chemical compounds and go back at it!
  10. thats what im sayin they say the level for mice that doesnt mean shit to me i weigh 240 im bigger than a fucking mouse and we are not the same.
  11. Yeah man, don't worry, you're fine.

    As another has said above, just don't mix with alc, or opiates/opioids, and you should be straight.

    Unless taken all at once, you would pass out before you could od.

    Just ride it out man, you probably won't remember this thread though, that's kinda given though, ya know?

  12. Some people have consumed up to 150mg of Xanax. It's very hard to Die of OD from a Benzo, the worst for most would be a coma.
  13. No shit asswipe, you're asking what the LD50 of it is in humans...we don't test humans like that, so we don't know. Just don't be stupid.
  14. Coma will happen long before death

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