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Lbi nj

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThebigCEEJ, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Ok so recenlty my dad found all my weed that i was going to bring down the shore :( i cant find any in long beach island new jersey? Anybody have any pointers on how i can score some reefer down here?
  2. Somebody help me out :(
  3. ...turn 18
  4. I am i turned 18 last septemeber you goon...
  5. why does your dad still search your shit then??
  6. Beacause i live with him and he was looking for something an dosnt wannt me smoking
  7. this has been said on here countless times, and this isnt only being directed to you, but stop giving people about 'being underage' because they still live with their parents. tons of 18 year olds are still in highschool and live by their parents rules. just try to help out the kid it's the 'q&a' section, not the 'call everyone out based on online appearance' section.

    as for finding a contact lbi, can't really help ya out unless you approach people and try to chill with em first. maybe ask some friends if they get stuff down there?
  8. you can definitely find some down the shore, just ask around who ever you think looks chill. :smoking:

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