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  1. Well hello, finished my last grow but California heat killed me. I was trying to do a perpetual garden but it didn't work out. Trying a new approach this go around. Started germing seeds today Friday July 7th. Strains are all femenized, 1 advanced seeds Afghan skunk, 1 advanced seeds sharkwidow, 1 pyramid seeds fresh candy. Medium for veg will be ffof, have the trio along with open sesame, beastie bloom, cha Ching, calimagic, and some other random nutes if they need some help in veg. Flower medium will be my ss mix and either ocean forest or roots original. Dont want to use nutes for flower but will if I have to. Going to veg in a 2.5x2.5 tent, 136w vipar 300 as the light. 4inch ic fan for exhaust, a few clip on fans as well. Vegging for 2 months or so with lst and topping along the way. Gonna make clones of those 3 to get 4-5 plants for flowering. When flower comes around they'll be moved upstairs and the veg tent will shut down. Ill be flowering in a 4.7x4.7x 6.7 tent under a 1000w hps and the vipar. That'd be 51w a square foot which should be good? I could add my 150w hps as well if that'd be better. I have an 8 inch and 6inch I.c fan on speed controllers for exhaust, vented out of the room. No carbon filter, have one but dont need it or use it. Passive intake pulling air from outside using a duct fan and a filter to stop bugs and debris. Some clip on fans, a small oscillating tower fan, and a large oscillating tower fan as well for air circulation in the tent. Nothing going on yet but ill report back with pictures when things change haha.
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  2. Sounds like lots of work!

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  3. Nothing im not up for! Less plants than last run so im thinking it'll be easier? Haha. Also I tried to go perpetual last run but the heat didn't alow it so im going with a normal harvest. No veg and flower tent at the same time so it should be cheaper too?
  4. Im drinking Jägermeister so I complicate my explanations xD aha.
  5. So only 4 to 5 plants youll be flowering? Damn son better look into scrogin those. Main line topping as well. Also you really need to consider adding co2 if you can seal the room. Eventually try to go for 1 plant per square foot. Way faster veg time and overall finish. Id keep a couple mother plants in the veg tent as well. Why do this if you dont do it right. Also ive found that using roots organic soil and nute line is the easiest way to go. Organic and awesome stuff. Maybe add some bloombastic towards last 6 weeks.
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  6. Thanks for the replies jax and super. Never scrogged but im considering any kind of training. Can't add co2 because of heat issues if I were to seal the room. Last run was going to be perpetual but the heat wouldn't allow it. Had 9 plants under the 1000w and it was pretty cramped even with lst and topping. Im gonna take clones before I flip and veg till this runs done under some cfls in the small tent. Trying to keep it easier on the wallet this go. My ss is a little hot for flower so I may use bag soil and nutes but i haven't decided lol
  7. I can't use the 1000w from around may to mid august-sept because of the heat so im gonna veg under the vipar in the small tent till I can use the big tent.
  8. God bro im tellin you. You will get potentially triple yeild if you find a way to use co2. Doesnt have to be burners either. Totally totally worth the investment
  9. Wish I could man but if I used co2 id have to seal it and use an AC to keep temps in line and i dont think itd be cost effective for me. Co2 will increase yield bUt that's the last thing on my list. Thanks for the advice man :).
  10. Seeds germed and placed in solo cups of ocean forest and put under vipar. Day one above soil [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Well due to me being lazy I lost fresh candy and sharkwidow. Popped special queen #1 and still have Afghan skunk. Put special queen in a solo cup today, Afghan skunks about an inch tall.
  12. Well its been a few months since I last posted. Its cool enough to get the veg tent running again. New strains, canuk cookies fem, hash passion if she turns out female, and gorilla glue if its female. I had another hash passion and super lemon haze but sadly they didn't pop. Got the seeds from true north seedbank, they arrived quick but the slh seed wasn't fully developed and one hash passion was already cracked in the package, broken. 50% germ rate so not so good.
  13. The medium is ocean forest cut with perlite. 300w vipar as the veg light for now. The gorrila glue is the oldest at 3 weeks old from sprout in a 3g, transplanted from 1g 9/5. Cookies sprouted 9/8 and hash passion on 9/9, in 1g pots.
  14. I watered all 3 tonight with plain water. Ph was 6.4 and they split almost a gallon and a half. Gorilla glue is going to be topped soon. Still no definitive sign of sex but its looking good.
  15. Well I added a 150w hps alongside the led. The temp raised a few degrees, sitting at 84f and goes to 86f at the hottest time of lights on. Should go down as the days get cooler.
  16. Well i haven't watered since the last post, probably will tomorrow. Pots are light but plants are still super perky. Not feeding only ph water swaying 6.0- 6.7, around 6.4 on average though. Gorilla glue is doing great, a little heavy on the n but its the soil. Shes showing pistils so im gonna take a few clones just in case. Cookies is chugging along but still small, 2 sets of real leaves. Hash passion is chugging along as well, 2 sets of real leaves. I'll add pictures soon, my phone has a terrible camera but im figuring something out.

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