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LB of blackberry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by s0calt0ker, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Looks fire man! How much that run ya?
  2. shiiiit man nice pickup
  3. 1800
    thanks guys
  4. [quote name='"s0calt0ker"']1800
    thanks guys[/quote]

    Damnit gotta love cali! That would've easily cost me 3800+ smh fuckin tx man

  5. less then 120 a zip!! fire you are so lucky :p
  6. unreal price man. fireeeeee
  7. Simply fucking amazing socal who actually lives in norcal haha... yeah you could get away with selling that for twice as much here in Montana to non patients. It's 3000-3500/lb here and im sure if you know a commercial grower it's much cheaper (2000-2800), 100 plants or less these days since the feds raided in march... wish i had that much money to fucking spend on bud. May as well start growing haha.

    I need to pick up a qp for the homies :smoke:... both my buddies want 2 ounces haha. ($900/qp here now) used to be $700-800/qp before Senate Bill 423 went into effect... sure miss those days... cali always has it good. Norcal is the coolest as everyone knows :cool:
  8. Thanks man, I'm well aware of the prices else where in the country. I'm from the north east originally and if I wanted to it can sell for 4000-5000 for the lb where im from.
    Humboldt is the coolest and everyone knows it:cool::cool:
  9. Very nice pick up my man. Excellent price
  10. damn nice bud. and a damn nice price.

    had some blackberry a month or so ago, was crazy dank. such a great high and smoke.

    stay high bro :bongin:
  11. Heavy sativa right? I had similar Blackberry, tastes great. Nice pickup.
  12. I got some stuff called Blackberry the other night, im wondering if it actually is or not. doesnt look anything like yours, so yeah my dealer is full o' shit.
  13. blackberry is a great strain but I always feel like I need to mix in a sativa strain with it
  14. [ame=]Randy Marsh - Oh My God That's Awesome! - YouTube[/ame]
  15. WOW. amazing nugs and amazing price. that'd run us a good 4600+

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