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    I have a 600w hps in my tent right now and i'm planning on moving all this stuff into a closet. The size is 5x2.4x5 and i was wondering can i just put the hps at the top ? plants would be about 4ft below it as seedlings. I have cooltube and fans ect. Also I'm considering bringing a second closet online with the same space but I'd have to run 2x t5 rooms instead because of my power grid. I know I'll get better buds with hps but double the room would have to offer more yield yes?
  2. i cant say about the difference between t5 and hps, but all you have to do is hang the light by some chain. Otherwise your plants will get all sorts of stretched out. I also run a 600 hps and i keep it about a foot above the canopy at all times works like a charm, its not air cooled and i have no prob with burning
  3. rgr that thanks :) It ended up about a ft away from the top in my tent but I couldn't get the #%&ing ductwork to hold so I had to just stick it up there. Probably will have shty plants now but I have enjoyed not moving it every day.

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