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  1. Whats up everyone

    i ordered some seeds a while back, got em last week and planted one last thursday. This is my second (attempt) grow. I used to germinate my seeds, but so many people say its a bad idea because it can damage the taproot, etc. Many people recommend just droppin the seed in warm moist soil & lettin it grow. So i did. It is now monday and there is no sign of a sprout yet.

    Is this just a late sprouter, or could it possibly be a bad seed? I planted it in a dixie cup of FFOF probably a little less than an inch in.

    If this seed is a dud, i'm gonna be pissed :mad:
  2. hi there:wave:
    I've tried to germinate from seed to soil several time with NO results---you are not alone!! I will stay with the tried and true method of germinating a seed on a plate with moistened paper towels over it. OMG, i just found out that one of my 2 plants is MALE:(
  3. It can take up to week or more for signs of life above the soil...all depends on the strain and ambient tempeture where is it located...germination occurs faster with warm damp soil...if you spent good money on those seeds you may want to invest in a heat mat so you wont loose any seeds

    Unfortunatly...our hobby requires patience
  4. good to know i'm not alone :D It sucks because its the only seed of that strain that i ordered. I have others, but i was really excited about this one! Hopefully by the end of the week i'll see something...NOOOOOO!!! Get those bastards outta there before they ruin everything!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!


    Yeah, i've germinated seeds before & it took around a week for em to sprout even after being germmed. So i just wanted to make sure that there's still hope for it! The environment i have it in stays around 80º, not direct light RIGHT on it, but there is light on it, and the humidity is around 40-50%. They're in the same place that i've had others sprout - but those ones WERE germinated before planted. This is my first time not germinating.

    Thanks for the help guys! :wave:
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    On January 11, i planted 3 seeds into the same pot (these are bag seeds, i have a pill container filled w/em, and many of them are 10+ years old, so I plant many at a time to ensure success.) I also germinated a handfull in paper towels. After 24 hours one of the paper towel seeds germinates and i put into the same pot as the other ones that I didn't germinate. My seed sprouted 24 hours later. And It is now 15 days later, and this morning I checked and saw my plant had 2 of the 3 other seeds sprout up (I planted them into new pots). It took 15 days for the nonpapertowel seeds to break soil, which is pretty weird cuz the soil was pretty dry when they popped up. It took 24 hours for my paper towel germinated seeds to break soil.
  6. damn that's a long time! I'm suprised seeds that old are still capable of being grown too, thats awesome man.

    i was on the phone with my girl 5 minutes ago, and had her check, and there is finally a sprout that came up! lol. i didn't get to check it this morning, so it might have been there this morning. Therefore, this was pretty much a pointless question lol

    Thanks anyways guys! :smoke: on

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