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  1. I would submit this question to Yahoo answers but honestly most people there are retarded and know very little about what they're answering and here in

    Well at least we're all stoned so we have the cannabis knowledge

    Anyways. I have lazy eye, my left eye is weaker than my right eye. This is not so much that my left eye is physically defective but for some reason or other my brain communicates much better with my right eye than the left. Result: my right eye is faster, better, stronger


    I tried putting an eyepatch on my right eye (without glasses) for about an hour. WHen I took the eyepatch off (about 30 mins ago) my left eye was doing MUCH MUCH better but my right eye was still on top

    Then I put on my glasses and whoa my LEFT eye was out performing the RIGHT eye with the glasses, flash forward 15 minutes and my RIGHT eye is back on top again

    So i guess my question besides (what the fuck?)

    What exactly is this whole eyepatch doing to my brain. If i keep it up will they eventually balance out and have equal strength or are my hemispheres going to be fighting for the control of vision?

    sorry if i'm wasting time here on the science forum but I thought my question might be of some interest
  2. you have two seperate eyes, there are a lot of ways that we could be looking at things but we tend to lose focus if we do

    I noticed my eyes see colors differently which flexing the eyes help be cured

    in most cases you are born with perfect vision but do to your eyes not properly fitting in the shape of your skull the light gets diffused
  3. I have a lazy right eye. When I was young, I used the eyepatch and it effected a noticeable strengthening of my right eye. Later I had surgery and this didn't seem to help much at the time. These days they go out but they go back in pretty quickly. I really don't know how your eyes would change like that though. Well I guess sometimes I wake up sort of bleary-eyed so maybe that's the same sort of deal? Instead you're exercising the one eye and letting the other rest. That might exagerate the bleary symptom.
  4. It is not your eye there is something wrong with, or the optical nerve for that matter. It is a brain dysfunction, where for some developmental reason one of the optical centers in your brain are not as fully developed as the other.

    The good news is that brain functions can be developed by continous use. As you say yourself, some time with a patch over the good eye, will help vision on the bad. Though for the effect to stay more permanent, it must be applied during the developing and growing period of the brain. So if your an adult (about 17 and above in medical terms) the effect is not likely to have a lasting impact.

    Lazy eye is just a more severe form of what we all have, dominant eye. When doing precision work that do not require binocular vision, we all prefer one eye over the other. More often than not this is linked to what hand you have best precision control over, or in simple terms, if your left or right handed.

    Me as a leftie, aim with my left eye for example.

  5. Thanks zylark
    a few months ago I read a book by Norman doidge titled "The brain that changes itself"

    In it there were account of people with advanced paralysis that learned to walk and function to almost 100%

    Its just as you're saying, when you're young you have less solidified connections (of neurons) but it is also far more easy to create those connections. That is why little kids can learn 3 languages no problem and learn...well everything so damn quickly

    I realize i'm an adult but the work of norman doidge suggests that the ability to rewire networks is not lost in adulthood...just hindered

    Oxytocin is a hormone infants, teens going through puberty and people madly in love have a lot of. This hormone "loosens" neural connections and just all around helps make new ones. Its suggested that the reason we don't have oxytocin throughout our lives is that many of the networks (of neurons) we create just work better when they're not constantly been changed around by new learning.

    However these findings do suggest that with enough motivation and conditioning (like if you were training an old dog new tricks) you can rewire you brain just about whenever

    and zylark you might be interested to know that when motivating individuals, praising someone for doing his best and failing is just as effective in solidifying new networks as praising someone for trying his best and succeeding.

    So I guess you can do anything to rewire you're brain if you're motivated enough to do it...and right now I want to strengthen my right brain-that is my left eye.

    I feel that if I improve my left eye's vision I might also rewire some of my right brain networks to become more involved...more efficient...

    I want a democracy in my brain =P I don't want my left brain running the show, although he does indeed resist keeping the blind fold on
  6. Democracy or unification?
  7. well I guess democracy is unification by compromise.

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