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Lazy eye from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Woofer, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I hope you aren't serious this is why people think stoners are retarded.

  2. Just leaving this here

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  3. Weeds reduces intraocular pressure hence why they give it to glaucoma patients. My left eye gets all loose lol.
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  4. I get it too. The leftleft gets smaller than the other.. The pupil is huge and most of the white part is gone. I'm telling you it's weird.. Look in
  5. In the mirror up close. It's very disturbing ..
  6. It does it to Everytime.. I thought I had Bells Palsey.. It is crazy.. Look in the mirror close up .
  7. It happened 1st time in 2017.. I also thought it was the visine.. it never happened b4.. I experiment and sumin is causing it in the weed or in me. It goes away when my high is gone... I I thought it was punishment from God cause I was doing it..
  8. I was born with a lazy eye (had some correction surgery) and it only plays up when I’m really tired or really stoned.
  9. No it's not
    It's not that I'm telling you.. It's weird..if I look in the mirror I can see my pupil move and feel it.. It's a messed up side effect... For me.. Just so damn weird..
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  10. I wasn’t inferring that it was, just sharing my experience.

    Do you have astigmatism in that eye?

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