Lazy cakes question????

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  1. Ok so I just got a lazy cake but I'm gonna save it for later. So what are lazy cakes like? What do they make you feel like, my friends say they tried them and it was just like a weed brownie is this true?
  2. It tasted terrible and had no effect on me. However, it might be worth a try if you are curious.
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    K man, I think I'm gonna try it when I'm not high so I don't get confused on what's doin what.
  4. Holy shit I ate a half and the feeling wasn't really a high, I really don't know how to explain it I ate it at 9:00 last night and I could barley get up at 7:00 this mourning, these things will knock your ass out, I can't imagine what a whole one would do.
  5. Lazy Cakes main "active" ingredient is melatonin, though it does have other various herbs which also induce relaxation. Melatonin is used by many people to help bring on sleep--hence the name "Lazy Cakes". Basically, it is designed not to get you high, but relaxed and sleepy.

    Recently there have been reports of people eat an entire lazy cake and initially feeling good and relaxed, but later had massive headaches, "fuzzy brains", stomach issues, etc.

    IMHO it is just another waste of money...
  6. Dumb. If i wanna feel lazy ill just grab my stash
  7. My friends keep trying to get me to eat a fuckin' lazy cake.

    My opinion? Take your lazy cake, and shove it straight up your ass.
  8. Yeah don't think I'm gonna buy anymore, they cost a little to much. I'll stick to Mary Jane.

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