Lazer tag when blaazed

Discussion in 'General' started by Ferris2000, May 7, 2006.

  1. me and a couple friends and someone we met on here at GC met up and smoked a bunch of bowls and headed out to play some Lazer tag... this place was fuckin bad ass and we paid like $15 and played alll night till almost after 12am... of course we took a smoke break in between a couple games.. and ther were quite a few ppl ther too so it was fun.. sounds childish.. but meh... wtf else u gonna do

  2. haha sounds fun

    i remember when i was in middle school i use to go there and like "accidently" feel hot girls boobs and shit and then be like "oo sorry"
  3. hahhahahaah +rep

    yea I've heard laser tagging is the best especially while rollin, but I haven't gone laser taggin in so lonnngngg
  4. That is fucking fun as hell.

    My buddy told me he saw Stalin drawn on one the walls (they decorate that shit with like glow-y paint haha) and he took me over and what did I see?


    That's what it looked like. My friend mistook "&" for Joseph Stalin. Of course, the whole time he was taking me over I was shooting his pack.

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