Lawyer Gives an Update on Canadian Cannabis Laws

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    Hey guys, here is the lawyer for the MMAR Coalition giving an update on the state of legality for medical marijuana in Canada in an in depth interview.

    Basically, these two guys put a restraining order on the Harper government telling them they can't stop those already growing their own from continuing to do so. They're working on further appeals and specifically a coalition of medical growers!

    Here's a video I edited together of their interview:

    Topics Covered:

    0:29 - Introduction/R. v Smith (Legality of Extracts) and Legal Precedent
    5:38 - Section 53 Protection Clarification
    8:35 - Border Issues/Privacy Case
    14:39 - How Solid is the Coalition's Case?
    22:30 - CMPA and Doctor Liability Roadblock?
    29:57 - How are medical gardens and legalization related? Are we equal under the Charter?
    36:40 - What if recreational gardens are restricted?
    38:44 - Would the Washington regime be unconstitutional in Canada?
    41:33 - Fundraising Update and Plans Moving Forward

  2. Thanks for the update...
    EVERYONE needs to donate a little to this Case, and the other fights - even $10 or 20 (or more if you can) adds up.
    We all want Legal weed, so let's support these Challenges and Organizations with money, not just talk.
    We all can afford a small donation...and it will help the Activists and our long term happiness a lot!
  3. Thanks so much for the support Pete!

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