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  1. Hey everybody so I was just wondering if anybody has some links or info regarding home grows in Canada when children are present in the home? I have a medical license and I am allowed to grow 25 however I have young children in the house so I am currently worried about growing my 4 recreational or 25 medical. The only room I could setup a tent would be the back den room on the main floor so I’m wondering if it’d be acceptable if I kept that door locked and put a lock on the zippers of the tent with no viewing windows if that’d be acceptable? Any leads on how I could check into this or if someone’s checked into themselves I’d love to hear it!!

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  2. Just put up locks so the kids can't get in. That should be fine.
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  3. It's not going to be a secret from the kids. I think you should forget the lock and tell them to keep their little jam covered fingers away from your tent or you'll break them.
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  4. I looked into it and as long as you own the property or your landlord has given you permissionAs long as you're using a tent in a controlled environment it's okay and won't effect the house in the long run or your healthb ultimately. I think that with young children it'd just be good practice to keep it locked and not accessible. I did look into it in Ontario! Best of luck and happy growing from a beginner myself!

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  5. Thanks appreciate it! Figured it’d be all good if I just threw a lock on the zippers but you never know with Ontario laws lol

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  6. Close.
    (Delicately) I used to participate in sports that required lots of equipment and reloading gear. (Get it?)
    There was so much equipment that it was impossible to keep it locked from the kids. To complicate, one kid decided to participate... another one liked to clean the gear after I used it!
    Well, this can be dangerous stuff, so I told my kids a) if you EVER want to shoot, I will take you... b) NEVER touch ANYTHING in this room.
    Decades later, the kids and I are still alive.
    “Teach your children well; very little is REALLY child-proof.
    Think back......
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  7. I believe in education too my friend. I’ve always said educate, don’t scare and allow them to make informed decisions. That’s how I was raised anyways and I’m still alive too!

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  8. I grew up in a home FULL of guns. Dad was US Border Patrol. I knew if I touched a gun without my dad there I’d get my little ass beat!

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  9. If ya know light construction I’d redo a closet in a part of the house that isn’t occupied or has a lot of foot traffic. Throw a locking knob on the door and your good. Have lights run at night so it doesn’t draw attention.
  10. While Canada laws I'm sure vary drastically from the US. There is some commonality to being legal. If it's legal that means it's considered like alcohol here. Don't let your kids get their paws on it and you should be good.

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  11. It depends on a lot of factors including what province or territory you are in, and if we are talking about the 4 plants, or if we are talking about ACMPR. You should be able to find a government website addressing the laws regarding growing cannabis in your province as far as recreational growing goes. ACMPR is a whole other story. I am doing both so I'll try to give you a detailed answer.

    For example, all that the Ontario site says regarding recreational growing is
    "You may grow up to four cannabis plants per residence (not per person) if:
    • you are 19 years of age and older
    • it is only for your personal use
    • the starting material was purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Store or an authorized retail store"
    In Manitoba however, they say
    "Growing non-medical cannabis at home is prohibited in Manitoba.

    While the federal government has introduced a partial prohibition by placing restrictions on home cultivation, the provincial government has the authority to set restrictive conditions on home growth.

    Quebec, Nunavut and Manitoba have chosen to set the limit at zero, effectively prohibiting cultivation of non-medical cannabis in the home. This approach is supported by public health and safety considerations."

    So you need to first determine what the laws are for recreational growing in your province.

    For ACMPR it becomes more complicated. On the federal website it says this
    • " Under the ACMPR, it is your responsibility to make sure that all marijuana plants or cannabis products in your possession for medical purposes are secure, and that other people, including children, cannot access them.
    • You may wish to take measures so that other people do not know that you are growing marijuana, or producing cannabis, for your own medical purposes (e.g., ensuring plants cannot be seen from outside your yard or house; limiting marijuana smells coming from your production site)."
    So it would seem to suggest that by cultivating medical cannabis, you are subject to more scrutiny, and may have to invest in more infrastructure to meet the criteria laid out by the government.

    Additionally if you are growing outdoors, you must take further measures.
    • "Under the ACMPR, if you are producing outdoors, the boundary of the land where you are authorized to produce cannot have any points in common with the boundary of the land where a school, public playground, or other public place frequented mainly by persons under 18 years of age is located.
    • You may want to consider installing a tall fence with a locking gate or an alarm system to help keep your production area secure."
    Bottom line: you have to secure your ACMPR grow from your children, you have to follow the guidelines in your province for recreational growing which may or may not be the same criteria as the ACMPR.

    sources: Information bulletin: safety and security considerations when producing cannabis for your own medical purposes -
    Province of Manitoba | Cannabis in Manitoba
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