Laws On Buying Seeds? (U.S.A)

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  1. Ok, so I'm considering buying some seeds, but obviously I have some concerns when it comes to legal issues.

    Seeing as how Marijuana is classified as illegal, I can only imagine that buying/possessing seeds is also. This, clearly, is where my issue lies.

    I know there are plenty of methods in which to buy seeds online that nearly (possibly completely) eliminate being traced from a purchasing standpoint, but that still leaves the issue of the address that they are being mailed to. If someone catches the seeds in the mail, I could only be so lucky that they just destroyed them and left them at that.

    However, isn't it possible that they take the address on the envelope/box and turn it into the "proper authorities"?

    I don't want to get busted for buying seeds when I can just as easily grow bag seed with little to no risk (as far as obtaining the seeds is concerned). But, if I can pick my strain from someone I know I can rely on to deliver exactly what I asked for, I'd be a lot happier.

    At the moment I'm looking for friends that might also buy seeds online and just have them toss a couple extra on the order and give them the cash leaving me virtually untraceable (unless that friend has a big mouth if he/she got busted). However, I'd also like to remove the risks that comes with having a friend with your seeds get busted. You never know how even the most trustworthy friend might act when in the face of the police and/or DEA.

    If someone knows how to set up a mailing address with a fake identity without any risk of being caught, I'd love to know. They probably should also make a sticky thread about how to go through the whole process (from paying cash for a Visa gift card to buy to however you would do something similar to set up a mailing address without a paper trail).

    Any ideas/input would be greatly appreciated.

    Frankly, it's stupid that I have to go through this in the first place. Although, I have to admit that the mere fact that marijuana is illegal is probably one of the biggest reasons I love growing it so much more than anything else (tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, etc...). But, that's another discussion for another time and another place.
  2. it's illegal. ANYTHING to do with weed except STERILYZED seeds & hemp products etc. is illegal. the feds hate weed. in a few states, it's legal for medical use, but not at the federal level.

    it's not as dangerous to buy seeds as it sounds though. i've bought them 5 times without ever having a problem. from the stories i've read here, even if your seeds DO get siezed, all that happens is you get a letter telling you that happened. i haven't heard of anyone getting busted for seeds in the US except the canadian vendor marc emory which is totally bogus as the US should have no jurisdiction over canadian citizens. it's just that he was so big, the feds decided to make an example of him because he was so high profile.

    you'd best avoid buying from canada as that's where the feds have their sites set. if you see canadian seed banks, most of them won't ship to the US, but the UK isn't on the radar as much. i've had no problems bying from doctor chronic or gypsy nirvana.

    hope that info helps.
  3. Chill man. When i got my seeds (and i live in usa) they came nice and hidden in a cheap wallet. It's a federal offense for the US to open your mail (unless it's going through customs of course) even then i'm not sure what exactly would happen. Maybe they contact you not sure. You can easily say you don't know why you're getting it. People send people (junk) mail all the time. Just lie in the face of (gov't) evil. But you're being paranooid so chances of you getting caught over some seeds is slim to none. DEA have bigger fish to fry and your police i seriously doubt your local police would find out that that particular envelope out of hundreds of thousands being sent in your neighborhood contains an illegal substance.
  4. yeahh... it's good to be cautious, but when it comes to buying seeds, it's nothing to worry about. There is no way for them to know that you even ordered the seeds unless they contact the seed vendor, and they give them the info (which they wouldn't). You're clear.
  5. I went to get mine personally and just stook em in my carry on bag from amsterdam to here.. no problemss
  6. People, time = money. Whenever your fiddle fucking around opening every single letter to make sure there is no contraband, your loosing money and making people pissed. The main reason shit gets discovered is because the package got torn or crushed open.

    Now i'm not saying that there isn't people who check boxes... i'm just saying they dont do it nearly as much as everyone thinks, its not cost effective. However if one day they make a device that can sniff packages (like at the airports they have the puffer that ionizes the air and measures the contents on a spectrometer, coke moves at a certain speed, weed at another, explosives at another, etc) it would make sending things EXTREAMLY difficult.
  7. So if i were to buy seeds what would a goo dwebsite be that isnt on the radar and its low key
  8. back from the dead... err 2007 :p

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