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  1. i just remembered this when i saw the forum. that happened to me 3 years ago at school while doing a phylosophy test... i gave a fuck and didnt listen to the teacher so i just wrote random thinkings on the test.
    actually, my answer was the same thing a greek phylosofist wrote a few hundred years ago, lol. I realized that many time later when i read about him.
    the test question was how are law and freedom connected.
    i answered:
    laws give us security, but take freedom. with no laws, there is no security, but there is full freedom.
    and with laws, there is no security, but there is no freedom for anyone.
    or something like that, i dont remember cause its 3 years ago...
    what do you think?

  2. I'm not sure there is no freedom for anyone, but I like the first bit. What grade did you get for it?
  3. full points and saved my second híghschool year lol
  4. Were you stoned?

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  5. nope, i had my first smoke 2 years later :)
  6. When I was 6 years old I realized for the first time that all of the rules are made up, and we only consider things right and wrong because of how it would affect us personally.  Then I started noticing how we really have no control over things, so we misplace our priorities to give the illusion of control.  For example

    The entire country gets worked up into a frenzy for a single little girl that had been kidnapped, while 18,000 other children starve to death that very day.

    People are just animals, the world is just nature, and no matter how much we point and scream at the sky, we are still walking dirt.
  7. deep! rly thinked so at the age of six? you are describing the cause of my depressions! :D
    Yeah I remember I told someone it would be cool to ride on top of the bus, and they said it couldn't be done.  I told them it could be done they would just try to stop you. . and BAM all illusions shattered.  This actually prevents my depression.  As long as life has no meaning or purpose and there most likely isn't an afterlife. . I'm free to do and feel however I want about things!
  9. Very keen observation. It feels like this has scratching beeb the back door of my sub-conciousness for a while now.

    I guess the best thing to do would be to find the best balance between the two. I think we can agree that 100% security is no worse than 100% chaos.

    But finding the balance is the trick. I think the US had it going good for some time, maybe in theory at the begining. But you can always leave it up to mankind to ruin such theories

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