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Discussion in 'General' started by Lawrz, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Fuck over sized boxers.
    Having one size to big in the boxer genre can be very frustrating. This often leads to the boxers riding up, higher and higher, until the point comes where you have to physically reposition them into the right spot.

    I have decided that from this point in time, I shall start to convert my boxer-short underwear stock into a completely "whitey tighty" stock. Lets face it, there's really nothing wrong with whitey tightys. They make more sense. More support, no riding up, and they look sexy as fuck if you wear them right. The only thing holding America back from the original underwear type is the social stigmata that is carried with them.

    I shall wear whitey tightys, and I shall still kick ass while doing it.

    Thank you.

  2. whitey tighties ftw
  3. Can't stand whitey tighties, lol. Boxers = FTW!
  4. What the hell?
    Whitey Tighties?
    It's Tighty Whities!
  5. No it's not.

    How hard is it to find boxers that fit?
  6. Well it is in this town at least.


    At least Whities makes sense (In racial slur referencing at least)
  7. Yeah dude, these stoners got it twisted. Fuckin Whitey Tighties??? :laughing:

    yes it is.

    and I only wear boxers, have been since I was pretty young haha. I dont want a bra for my junk, I like to hang free :D
  8. Boxer briefs for the fucking win.

    Boxers are really bulgy and uncomfortable.

    Tighty whities are... well... just no.

    Boxer briefs are fitted and stretch to your waist size, and provide more ballsack support.
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    hey man i didnt even know that they are called "tightey whityes" - im not from around here. still boxers are way too spacey

    THATS what they are called, boxer briefs. these are the shit. best of both worlds
  10. yea I stick to box briefs
    the girls love those
  11. I am guessing your not in a relationship with a woman right now, cause theres no way your gal would go for the switch.
  12. Hahaha. You should get ones with brown stripes, just in case :p

  13. Haha so true i'm not,
    and i'm guessing that my ex wouldn't be to pleased.
    But fuck that, i'm single and proud,
    and currently whitey tighty reppin.

  14. I'm laughin at everyone on this page :smoking:
  15. What i don't understand is why boxer briefs can't have the same cool designs that normal boxers have on them????????????

  16. i was thinking the same thing.

    and op, your situation could easily be resolved by knowing your size and buying the proper fit, no?

  17. and that's what matters. :cool:

  18. Haha oh my god,
    you are so fucking right.
    Whats up with that?
  19. Am I the only one who thinks ALL forms of underwear are uncomfortable.

    Freeballing is where it's at.
  20. I too have distinguished myself with an old gentleman sitting on 2 dufflebags.

    Freeballin is where its at.

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