Lawrence Kansas lonley

Discussion in 'General' started by bjg123, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. OK ok ok......I have read nothing but good things about the herb around here. I had to move here so my wife could finish school at KU.

    Meanwhile I've given up all my connections back home. I've been here almost 4 weeks and havent been able to find a thing. not......a........thing.........

    Anyone wanna hang out or go downtown? Maybe I'm an idiot. maybe I just have a look that makes people not want to help me. I dunno. I'm a humble guy, I return favors and I'll help anyone that needs it. But this small town. no one wants to help me.

    its very rough moving to a new area and not being able to find what you want and do what you want.

    I do not go to KU as I have already graduated from a school in indiana. This makes it even harder not being around the college students.

    sorry just venting. i hate this.
  2. Find a disk golf course. (Its kinda like golf with a frisbee.) College town I am sure there are a few. Always cool people smokin and hangin. Trust I'm an older biker lookin dude and they all still are very easy going. Easy place to find a good connect. PLus its fun as hell! Good Luck! IMO Much Love.

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