Lawl at my turkey baster bong (Bored) (pics)

Discussion in 'General' started by FloDuh, Feb 12, 2009.

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    haha, it has a carb too on the other side, it actually fucking rips lmfao! :bongin:

  2. haha awesome.

  3. haha thanks =)
  4. i was high with a couple of friends, and i was like yo im gonna make a sick as bond out of a turkey baster haha, they were like wtf? but after i made it, it was pretty sick :D
  5. how does the stem not melt the rubber handle?
  6. yea same question here.
  7. lol idk, it doesen't get that hot at the bottom of the stem, and theirs water in it also lmfao
  8. Is that bowl broken or is it my eyes?
  9. yeah it broke a while ago, i just made this bong for fun, but apparently it actually works good so im gonna use it more often =), even though i have a steam roller, pipe, and a dif. bong too
  10. You should definitely replace that bowl with another cheap $5 glass bowl if you have one lying around (I know I have like 5 just sitting around for random inventions or bongs).
  11. lol true ill have to go out and buy one, i made some crazy bongs, i have a creative mind :D

  12. Exactly. But the real question is, what are you gonna do next time you need to get your baste on?
  13. haha, go out and by a new one =), winn dixie is right across the street
  14. Aside from looking like your fellating a translucent plastic cock, it probably works pretty well.

    Gotta give you some credit on the ingenuity. :hello:
  15. lol true, but thanks anyway, and yeah it actually works great :D
  16. been there done that... mom got mad... knew it was me

  17. haha damn you got merked, i bet it ripped though
  18. I've heard of taking off the bottom and using the tube as a stem but an entire bong of one?

    have fun getting basted i guess...
  19. gets me blasted when i baste that bong lmao
  20. Aye, props for creativity dogg. I aint a fan of homemades, and I wouldnt smoke mout of em, Im a glass on glass or blunt guy myself, but gotta give credit were credit do. Check ya rep

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