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Law question reguarding misdeminors

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaptainKhronic0, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hello tokers, im 19 and from michigan got myself into some legal problems not dealing with Drugs,alcohol or sex crimes. Not a felony either to make a long story short i loaded some rock salt into a supervisors wifes car and got ratted on and i am facing a misdeminor shoplifting charge under 200$. i havent been to court i am awaiting a letter telling me to turn myself in or a warrant will be issued still have yet to recieve this letter i quit smoking 3 weeks ago in fear i would be drug tested upon my araignment i guess my question is will i be tested after i see the judge for this non violent and non drug related charge?
  2. Something like that has happened to me, not the same charge, but it was non drug/alcohol related. I live in Michigan as well, and when I was on probation, I was never drug tested, except for once when a snitch tried to rat a whole bunch of people out. P.O. met with me and said he is gonna piss test me in 5 days.

    Stopped smoking for those 5 days, drank a lot of water, and passed.

    If it wasn't for the snitch, I would of never been drug tested.

    Good luck!

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