"Law of Mother Earth" Passed in Bolivia

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by stickofbutter, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Fuckkkkk ya man shows the world is hopefully growing.
  2. I went to high school and was good friends with a Bolivian, way back when. I was actually thinking it would be cool to move to the highlands with the Aymara. Herd my llamas, grow my potatoes and quinoa. Better than what I got going now.

    I was actually thinking about this about 3 nights ago. Synchronicity. Huh . . . . maybe. :devious:
  3. Bolivia showing good shit.

    Take care
  4. Maybe some day the US will catch up with Bolivia!
  5. this is awesome :)

    thanks for posting
  6. Feel good article of the night
  7. This is gonna be a retarded post but sometimes i just get so lazy and high that i can't even click on the link, i just post something like this or press the back button unless its not actually posted in the thread.

    I guess i'll click i...No.
  8. I wonder if this is being shown on the news? :rolleyes:
  9. Bolivia is a wicked place. My old manager was from there and told me great stories about the cannabis culture there....also had some wicked suits he got tailored there.
  10. far out, man.
  11. I haven't read that article, but I just watched this on an episode of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki. It's really, really encouraging to see. Especially from the poorest country in South America.

    But it's success is really dependent upon global demand for lithium (driven by the electric car industry). Bolivia is banking on that to drive its economy in the near future, given its vast stores of lithium beneath the salt flats. If that industry fails, they're going to be forced to open up the forest to oil drilling.
  12. what does this mean? no more deforestation? lol

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