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  1. Going and comming back from your plot you always have a chance to be pulled over by an officer for many reason ( speeding, broken tail light...). But my only worry is a good lie to give an officer to explain what your doing with a couple of friends driving in the back roads. I know my plot is secured and I have a really good hiding spot for my car. Its just so you can get this officer off your back without him suspecting anything going on and drive away with a fine or a warning for what you got pulled over for. Thanks

  2. you really dont need any excuse, it isnt any of their business. just say you were driving around with some friends and wanted to take a "scenic" route :smoke:
  3. Absolutely. None of their fucking business.

    I used to drive around with my friends all the time. Just tell them you're driving around.
  4. Oh, yes, if they suspect you of anything, just be polite, if they get agressive, tell them your envoking your right to remain silent. They have no business knowing what your doing.

    - Vince
  5. dont even worry the pigs are always looking for somthing to get you for if you just say you were looking around or any other million exuses you could use thell go away. but why would they even pull you over in the first place?
  6. I happen to know the greatest excuse ever. . . . and it happens to be. . . . . . I was looking for snakes!! Man that freaks everybody out. Just tell them you were going to take photos of snakes and they will leave you alone.

  7. Tell them you are cruising for gay sex.

  8. "Yeah officer, we were just looking for a forth guy to join our Village People... yes... you'll do just fine."
  9. Nice one :D I thought that was funny.
  10. Yeah tell 'em somthing bizarre, though still possible, like snakes or your friend lives out there. Just dont say "id like to remain silent" or "none of your buisness" that'll make them think something is going on. Just be calm and tell them one of your friends is a snake wrangler and you were looking for snakes or something.
  11. LOL this forum got a bit out a hand:smoke:

    Even though im in Canada, cops around here are pretty agressive. I personaly dont think '' looking for snakes or taking pictures '' would be my anwser cuz there arent any snakes around here... Any other crazy idea?
  12. Well taking pictures is a good one cause I actually do that on my spare time. My mom too. Just bring a pet or something and say you were taking a nice walk around the woods.
  13. or, tell him it's none of his business.
  14. really this is all you have to do. Politely of course. Lack of respect to him can in turn make him more hostile with you. It really isn't hard to deal with cops and remember, not ALL of them are assholes.
  15. I like to take the approach of feigning ignorance.

    "What seems to be the problem officer? Why was I driving out here? Oh, I don't know, just felt like driving around. You know, nice night and all..."

    May not work everywhere, and if you're a bad liar you're screwed, but they're not going to ask "are you growing weed in these fields, son?"
  16. Im not a bad liar, I mean like I can lie and make it sound true but also I have in there files a record for possession which will stay there for another year then go away if I dont get caught again. ( School bust, with dogs and all, 12th grade) I got away with a slap on the wrist, no fine just a warning and its mention on my record.
  17. I think the easy answer here is don't drive out to your plot in a car with a broken tail light or speed. Don't give the pigs a reason to pul you over. The easiest way to get caught (besides telling a lot of people) is to get in trouble for something unrelated and then they find out you're a grower.
  18. I will definetly use that one:bolt: :laughing:
  19. simple! just say "i'm lost" take the pigs directions then ignore them and carry on

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