Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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  1. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

    To me, this a pretty damned powerful video. The guilt, regret, and introspection apparent in these former cops is striking -- and admirable.
    LEAP needs more attention. This is an organization of 5,000 current and former law enforcement officials who recognize the failure and the damage effected by the war on drugs. And it has grown to 5,000 from just five founding members a few years ago. Seems to me that that's pretty newsworthy. So pass this video on. If you're in a position to show it to a large group of people -- students, Rotary clubs, civic groups, etc. -- contact LEAP directly. They'll send you a DVD. Better yet, book one of these guys to come speak in person.
    If you're a blogger opposed to the war on drugs, post this video on your website sometime in the next week. Let's see if we can't create a blogburst to get these guys some needed publicity.
    Incidentally, the silver-haired ex-cop who sort of narrates the video (not the guy in the still frame -- that's Jack Cole, LEAP's founder) will be speaking at the Cato forum on my paper next month.

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  2. This is a great video. I've seen it before, but deffinitely worth another watch. These guys know first hand the failures of the war on drugs and have all the facts to back them up. I think one of the problems with groups like NORML or MPP is that people look at them as a bunch of stoners who just want to be able to smoke without the risk, but when people see groups like this its much much more effective in changing their viewpoints. I think if any group is going to end the drug war in the United States, it will be LEAP.
  3. Thx for posting this video... I finally feel like there is people out there that understand how life is and understand what needs to be done...(When it comes to cops anyways)
  4. wow, got nothing but respect for these cops. the part where the cop admits the teenager in the back of his car was not a criminal, Well, like my Dad said, takes a real man to admit when he's wrong.
    P. S. stoned right now, sorry if this doesn't make sense, lol.

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