Lava rock and perlite

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  1. So after many passes over a bag of lava rocks with my truck I'm having a hard time crushing them down small enough for my mix. Is it ok to use a mix of perlite and lava or should I hold out and find some bags with smaller pieces? I'm starting to feel like and idiot driving back and forth over a bag of rocks..
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  2. I only use the largest pieces. Out of a 1.5 cubic bag I get 2 gallons of hand held sized rocks, and the rest is too small to remove once added. I leave it in my soil while it is stored and remove it before filling pots. For drainage best is always different sized particles. Perlite plus anything slightly larger is ideal.
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  3. Perlite is a good part of your aeration mix....use it!

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  4. You're good to just use the lava rock. I used to run it over with my truck too! I use 1 1/2" minus and it works just fine without running it
  5. Thanks for the replys guys. I have most of it broken down under an inch but I still have some big pieces about the size of lemons.. I think I'll just stick with the lava rock alone and keep smashing away. I have a forklift I can use so maybe that'll work better than My little ranger
  6. Have you checked out local landscaping places? Until two days ago, I thought my only option was to buy over priced bagged lava rock. Stopped by the landscaping place on Friday, they sell it for $63 a yard. Got myself 50 gallons for $18. They sold it in 3/4"-1", and 3/8" minus. No crushing required :)
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    I guess I missed it. What exactly is the purpose of the lava rock? Drainage? Microbes? Minerals? Aeration? Mulch?
    Because I use it for all those things, but I get all the sizes I could ever need in one bag.
  8. I'm using red lava rock for hydroponic medium. All sizes whatever was in the bag. I washed the hell out of them and loaded my 5gallon bucket. It's bin working grate. No ph issues at all. My only concern is 5 gallon bucket might be too small of a pot. IMG_4172.JPG
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  9. cool, In that case perlite and lava rock are certainly not interchangeable. Perlite can become more like water than anything else when it is soaked. Lava rock excels in water movement. Likes oxygen. Needs moisture. Looks like a great setup.
  10. I use lava rock and never crush it. I used dump it right into the soil mix
  11. Again, thanks for all the help guys. I stopped crushing the rock and just used it as is. I was a little short so I added some perlite that I had laying around to make sure I had enough aeration in my mix.
    Is it me or do the people in the "organics" section seen much nicer?

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